Prayer for Fr. John Maronic Cause

Merciful God, you called your servant
John Maronic to show us the face of Jesus
in persons with disabilities.
Your servant came to love your Will
with all his heart and tirelessly tried
to fulfill it.  Grant us (me) through
his intercession…(name the grace requested)
Grant that he be declared Blessed by the Church,
so as to serve as intercessor and guide on the way
to salvation.  Grant this through Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory be to the Father…


Written by Fr. John Maronic, OMI
Founder of Victorious Missionaries 

Let us be lifted up to You, O Lord
Let us not see only ourselves, but help us to see You in others;
Let us not do only for the sake of doing, but help us to unselfishly do for others;
Let our thoughts and actions be for those less fortunate than ourselves;
Let us rise above our afflictions
and strive instead to ease the hurt and pain in others;
Let us put as much joy as we can into the hearts of others;
Let us strive to lift up this fallen world by lifting up others…lifting them to
the good and truth and beauty which is our birthright;
By thus lifting up others in a spirit of love and joy and service, we will
more surely be lifted up ourselves.

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